The PIC welcomes not only companies targeting commercial markets, but also companies who wish to partner with ARDEC for development of novel technologies or products.

Product and technology development partnerships between the US Army and private industry have long been successful, leading to many new innovations. In 1996, Congress past a law enabling the PIC to further these goals through collocation of the PIC on army facilities and the formation of a partnership with the Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at the Picatinny Arsenal in Dover, NJ. ARDEC is a preeminent research and technology organization.

A number of the PIC member companies have worked with ARDEC on product development, either solely for military use, but also for ‘dual use’ with commercial sales.

ARDEC works with the PIC to support companies in selected technologies. The following technology areas are of interest:

  • Structural materials – durable, lightweight, ‘green’
  • Electronics & Software – Counter spoofing, jamming, guidance
  • Sensors
  • Ad hoc networking
  • Power & Energy – sources, control