Procedure for Admission:

Consideration for admission is based on the Executive Director’s discretion, but generally based on the following criteria:
  • Developing a new or proprietary technology
  • Developing technology or product that supports or enhances the mission of the US Army is advantageous. (See ‘US ARMY ’ and ‘Picatinny Arsenal’ pages on this site for areas of interest.)
  • Can show the company can be financially successful by describing its market, competitive edge, technology plan, and management team.

Potential PIC members should call or email the PIC to introduce themselves to the Executive Director (ED). The ED and candidate will speak, either in person or by phone (or both) to ascertain that continuing interest exists to move forward with the application to join the PIC. The ED will provide preliminary feedback on possible membership based on the company’s area of interest.
  • Following this initial screen, the company is asked to email a brief 2-3 page summary of their business
  • After reviewing the summary, the ED will establish a visit to the PIC by the prospective company for further review of mutual fit and interest.
  • If both parties are interested in membership, the prospective company will present their business to the PIC Board of Directors for concurrence.
  • Once approved, new business start-ups begin their stay by meeting with PIC management to accommodate their needs, and to establish a mutually agreed Plan of Action for the first year with the PIC.
  • Each tenant is required to sign a standard Licensing Agreement with the PIC at the beginning of a tenancy which spells out obligations of both tenant and the Center's management regarding space, its modifications, services and equipment to be provided and cost for same, and the environmental policy of Picatinny Arsenal.
After joining the PIC, the company will:
  • Periodically meet with the ED and Board of Directors to review progress versus the Plan of Action.